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About me

I suddenly realized that there have been nine months since I started hiking the mountains. I am thinking now about all the steps I made, all the hills I climbed and all the people I met, and seems that I changed. I almost need a new bio. I do need a new bio.

Hiking is not about hitting the mileage, nor reaching the heights. it’s about finding one place that makes me feel out of my life but still happy. The different life, where everything is closer to primal instincts, where even if I seek for best technology for tracking trails and best shoes, and best Instagram story, I still am going back to basics.

I am in a time of my life when everything is kind of sorted out, my kids grew up, I have a great job that I really like, I feel like I paid the debt to the humankind. And now I need a place of my own, something that would pull me out of everyday routine. I started hiking. Just like that. Exploring. With people, I didn’t know nine months ago, and today they are without much talk one of my best friends. Today everything seems so different.

One would call this process “finding myself”, ok. Name it like that. If I am now a hiker, a mountaineer, a climber, let it be. Sounds cool, right? But a hiker and a mountaineer is a person changed, with more strength, better stamina in all spheres of their lives. It might be that not all mountaineers are the same, but let me believe it’s like that. And if I feel changed I also know it affects other spheres of my life, my children, my job.

Sometimes it feels that if I am in this mountain world it seems that it is completely detached from the other world, of ordinary people world. And still, I only have a glimpse of what the real world of hikers looks like, as I am just a beginner. I am somewhere in between, willing to connect these two worlds, which means getting deeper into hikers world, but trying to explain what I am doing to the “ordinary world”. Why? I don’t know. I just feel so good when I am on the mountain that I simply want to share it with the world.

beautiful day at Hridsko jezero